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Pattaya Condo

  • North Pattaya Zone
    Wongamat beach - Naklur North Pattaya Condominiums located at North Pattaya, Naklua, Sukhumvit road,...
  • Central Pattaya Zone
    Central Pattaya พัทยากลาง Condominiums located at the Central of Pattaya downtown. Nearby places; Sh...
  • South Pattaya Zone
    South Pattaya พัทยาใต้ Condominiums located at South Pattaya Nearby Important places; Pattaya Beach,...
  • Phratamnak Hill Zone
    Phra Tamnak Hill เขาพระตำหนัก Condominiums located at Phra Tamnak Hill near South Pattaya, Bali Hai ...
  • Jomtien Zone
    Jomtien beach หาดจอมเทียน Tree-lined 6km stretch of sands offering loungers, bars, restaurants and ...
  • Na Jomtien
    Na Jomtien Beach หาดนาจอมเทียน Condominiums located at Na-Jomtien beach Pattaya. Na Jomtien beach is...
  • Bang Saray
    Bang Saray (บางเสร่)is a tranquil fishing village located on Thailand’s Eastern seaboard. Bang Saray...
  • Sriracha

Condo in Bangkok


How to buy the Property in Thailand?


Wanting to buy a villa or condo in Thailand but not certain as to how this is done.

Here you will find the basic breakdown of what needs to be done and how to buy the property or any real estate in Thailand.

Select A Property Agent

Since you will be looking for property in a foreign country you need expert local assistance. The agent knows how to communicate in Thai and they’re familiar with the geographical area. The agent will save you valuable time in selecting and showing you the property in your price range that meets your needs.

Purchasing directly from the developer isn’t going to save you money as compared to buying it from an agent. A quality property for sale in Thailand is generally offered at a fixed price by the Seller. The best benefit of using a property agent is that they will act as a liaison between you and the Seller. They will obtain a fair price for you and act on your behalf to represent your best interests throughout the entire process. (Read more.)